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Wellwood Auto is a household name in the automobile industry that brings the best and the latest in the world of automobiles.
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Our mission is to provide wholesome solutions to our customers in regard to automobiles by rendering quality and dedicated services.

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  • The reasons to switch to electric vehicles are ever increasing considering the rate at which fossil fuels are decreasing and causing peril impacts on the environment.

    No gas required

    The underlying foundation of using an electric car is that the vehicle runs on electricity and not on fossil fuel. Typical diesel and petrol vehicles run on fossil fuels which cause tremendous pollution and moreover are very expensive considering the rate at which gas prices are ascending. Facts suggest that a typical American spends a minimum of $2000-$4000 a year on gas alone. Although electricity isn't free, it is much cheaper than its counterpart.


    It is a fact that you will bulk up your savings when using an electric car since it can be recharged at comparatively lower costs. Moreover, switching to electric vehicles will gain incentive support from the Government for changing to environmentally friendly vehicles.

    Zero emissions

    There is no question in the fact that driving in an electric car is ridiculously more beneficial to the environment than typical gas run vehicles. Electric vehicles use 100 percent clean energy source of energy and produce zero harmful emissions to the environment. Electric cars are a better alternative than hybrid cars as well since hybrids use gas produced emissions.



    Many automobile manufacturing giants are promoting the use of electric vehicles by releasing various models and series of their own electric cars, packed with unique features and benefits.

    Safe to drive

    Just because the car is electric does not mean it lacks the necessary safety features. Electric run vehicles pass through the same safety features as gas run vehicles. They possess standard safety features such as airbag deployment upon impact, anti-breaking system, etc. These cars are smart as it cuts power supply from the battery on impact to prevent any severe case of electrocution.


    With the increase in production of EVs accompanied by the support from the Government has made owning electric vehicles cost effective with its affordable price range and maintenance expenses.

    Low maintenance

    Electric vehicles are not composed of various components to power the car, instead a single electric powered battery to run the whole car. Combustion engines are comprised of multiple essential parts which require frequent lubrication and involve high maintenance. Whereas EVs require little to no maintenance as it does not need lube and regular check-ups.

    Reduced noise pollution

    Unlike loud, rough noises produced by diesel engines, electric cars are very silent. Moreover, these environmentally friendly vehicles provide rapid acceleration with little to no sound, smooth driving experiences over long journeys.

  • Ztylus Stinger

    One of the best devices you can have attached inside your car is the Ztylus Stinger. So what exactly is this device? The Ztylus Stinger is a device that serves three critical purposes during any emergencies. The compactable and handy tool can be used to cut loose from stuck seatbelts during accidents and break open windows through its spring loaded function during dangerous times. Apart from such beneficial purposes, it also enables you to hold your phone with its magnetic capabilities.

    Lottie wireless charger car mount

    Instead of typically connecting the USB wire from the phone to the port in the car to charge it, you can avail the Lottie wireless charger car mount. This great device enables you to enjoy the benefits of using the phone on a mounted position, safely while allowing it to charge as well. What's even better is that it is budget friendly.

    Alexa enabled roav car charger

    There is no doubt that the Alexa roav car charger is one of the best, if not the best smart devices to maintain inside your car. The intelligent invention provides the driver with the functionality and capabilities of Alex all through voice activation while enabling you to charge from the USB charger. It helps the driver maintain constant connectivity without fear losing out on charge or letting go of the steering wheel to use the phone.

    Lantoo tire pressure checker

    When driving, it is imperative you maintain the correct pressure in your tires for smooth and comfortable driving. Failing to secure the right pressure could be disastrous. However, with the Lantoo tire pressure checker enables the driver to check the tire pressure by merely attaching the device to the tire and informing the driver about the pressure status. Since it is easy to use, compact and gives accurate information, it saves the driver from any unnecessary hassle and is beneficial for safety and maintenance of the car.

    Car dashboard sticky pad

    The car dashboard sticky pad is a piece of simple yet very effective equipment to have inside the car. Similar to standard sticky pads, the car dashboard sticky pad enables you to attach essentials such as your phone, pen, etc. to the sticky pad, thus preventing it from flying away and going missing inside the car when driving.

  • In the field of automobiles, there are no second thoughts on the fact the German automobile brands have clear dominance all over the world. We all know that Germany is the country that is known for producing quality products. Their mastery in engineering is something that cannot be matched. Their products are the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency and unparalleled quality. In this article, we shall discuss the German automobile industry in detail.


    In the present situation, Volkswagen is the biggest player in the automobile industry. Volkswagen owns some of the major and luxury automobile brands such as Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and a lot more. The company is located in Wolfsburg and also has manufacturing facilities in many parts of the world. In the year 2016 Volkswagen took over Toyota to become the largest car manufacturer in the world. The iconic and the most famous product from Volkswagen is the Beetle. The car has gone through a lot of makeovers throughout the years in terms of design and technology.


    BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. It is also one of the major players in the industry. The company is based out of Munich. The BMW cars are often referred to as the “the ultimate driving machine” which is very much apt because that would be the exact feel you would get when to drive the any BMW car. The company was founded by Karl Rapp in the year 1913.

    BMW was first started to be an aircraft manufacturing company. It was when the company landed in a contract to build V12 engines, the concentration shifted to cars. The company is known for its innovation and products that are way ahead of its time. As of now the company also has major stakes in Mini and the ultra luxurious Rolls Royce. BMW also have two wheeler division with is called BMW Motorrad.

    Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz is one of the biggest names in the automobile industry. The company was found by Carl Benz who is the inventor of the modern cars. The company is located in Sindelfingen. The parent company of Mercedes Benz is Daimler. The company also manufactures heavy vehicles and sports cars. The sports car division is Mercedes AMG.


    The German automobile giant is located in Ingolstadt. The company is owned by the Volkswagen group. The brand Audi is very synonymous in producing high-quality cars. The brand also has a strong connection with movies like Iron Man Series and Transporter.



    Even though there are other sport car brands owned by the Volkswagen group, Porsche is a German household name when it comes to sports cars. The company was found by Ferry Porsche who also happens to be the designer of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. The headquarters of the company is in Stuttgart. The brand Porsche has a built a great reputation in the racing world by winning some of the major racing events such as Le Mans Series, 24 Hour Nurburgring and a lot more.

  • There was a time when only less than five car manufacturers existed all over the world. Now times have changed, and lots of new brands have come up. There is so many that we can’t even count. There are some brands that most of us haven’t even heard of. In this article, we will see the top car manufacturers in the world.


    When it comes to the first position in the list, there is a clear winner, and it is not a surprise. The Volkswagen Group has some of the best automobile brands under its name. The company which had tremendous profits in the earlier stages thanks to Hitler, the company was able to acquire some failing brands in the industry and turn them into profit-making brands. The car manufacturing companies that come under the Volkswagen group are Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Skoda. Other automobile brands that come under the Volkswagen group are Ducati, MAN, Scania, and Neoplan. If Volkswagen owns that many companies then obviously it will secure the top spot.



    Toyota passenger vehicles have a market share of 10.9 percent. So that means ten out of every hundred cars that are sold is from Toyota. From the year 2010 Toyota has constantly sold more than seven million vehicles worldwide which makes it the only brand in the history of automobiles to do it. It was in the year 2016 that Toyota lost its first position. Not just that Toyota is the global leader when it comes to Hybrid vehicle production. Toyota’s hybrid model Prius is the highest selling hybrid vehicle of all time.


    Earlier the companies Renault and Nissan were two different entities. After the merger, they became one, and now they are one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. In the year 2018, they produced more than ten million vehicles. They have a global market share of 9.4 percent. They also control some major brands like Infinity, Dacia, and Datsun. They also have huge stocks in Samsung Motors. Their latest addition to the list is Mitsubishi.

    Hyundai – Kia

    The South Korean automobile giant owns thirty-three percent stakes in Kia Motors. Together both the brands have sold more than eight million vehicles around the globe. The brand has Hyundai has absolute dominance in many countries in Asia.



    The company which once ruled the entire automobile sector is now struggling to make it big after a series of failures in the past decade. The brand Ford had a strong presence in many countries. Even though the company has a considerable growth in sales of 1.7 percent, it is nowhere near to what it was in the past. The best part when it comes to Ford is that its arch rival and enemy GM is struggling, even more, to make ends meet. GM has shut down many of its manufacturing units in the country and has also stopped its sales in many countries.


    The Japanese automobile brand has always managed to end in good profits year after year. Honda is one company that has stuck to its roots and the name Honda has always been associated with good quality products. Its IVTEC and IDTEC are some of the most significant technologies when it comes to engine designs.